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Ferry Antoni currently an AOO (Academic Operator Officer) and a senior teacher teaching in LBPP-LIA Martadinata, Bandung since 1995, is also an avid reader of matters concerning ELT (English Language Teaching). To channel his thoughts and breakthroughs in ELT, he frequently shares his tremendous ideas through presentations held by notable institutions. He presented his papers in several cities in and outside Indonesia: Bandung, Jakarta, Bali, Malaysia, and others.

Here are some of his papers that he is kindly willing to share in order that you can consult when in need of references: 

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Enhancing Learners' Critical Thinking Skills through Argumentation Writing (presented in Jakarta, 2005))

Teaching Grammar and Topics Integratedly Revisited: An Alternative for Tomorrow's ELT in Indonesia (presented in Bandung, 2003)

Teaching Our Very Own English Ideas on Making It Not Look Foolish (first presented in 2010 in Bali, Indonesia, then in Malaysia)
if you need more of his meticulous works, please feel free to contact him via his FACEBOOK (Please, click!)

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