Tuesday, 4 October 2016

PEOPLE IN LIA: The Report (part two)

The last activity is making reports. The reports will be in two types: written report and digitally recorded report. The written reports will be in a form of a simple paragraph describing the interviewees based on the answers they have given during the interview. While the digitally recorded report is in the form of pictures and videos of the interview. 

They wrote reports

Discussing when writing reports

Their reports and the process of blog editting
Here are some of the reports:

By Wafa & Kiki (ET-7)

Our security in LIA has been working in LIA for 20 years!!! His name is Mr. Asep. He is responsible for controlling  the campus of LIA every day although his house is so far from here.
He lives in Bale Endah. He lives with his family. He has dream of becoming a successful person. His hobby is playing football, although he is old enough. But maybe, there will be a miracle for him to be a football player or football coach.

Since he is working in LIA, all is safe. That means, he is a good security and he has polite personality. We think he is a good, funny, polite, and responsible person. He is the BEST security in LIA Martadinata, Bandung

The Oldest Security is not that old, isn't he?

By Shafira Navra Darmawan (ET-7)

Today, I interviewed one of staffs of LIA Martadinata, Bandung. His name is Pak Hendy. I feel happy after this interview because now I know his name, not just a parking man. Before I interviewed him, I thought he was unfriendly, but when I was interviewing him, he is so friendly. Pak Hendy lives in Dago. His house is not far from LIA. I’m not so close to him but I think he is a nice guy.

He told me about his interesting experience. I didn’t think that he had ever joined the singing contest! He joined KDI (Kontes Dangdut Indonesia –red.). It’s maybe because his hobby is singing and I think his favorite genre of music is dangdut, but he told me that he can sing many genres of music.

Pak Hendy expects that LIA will always be the best English course in Bandung.
Pak Hendy, the smiling parking attendant

By Syifa, Anan, & Danur (ET-7)

His name is Hikmah, one of the multi-talented janitor of LIA Martadinata. He has worked in LIA since December 9, 2001. It’s been 15 years now! His responsibility is cleaning LIA classrooms and other parts of LIA building.

His hobbies are swimming, cycling, and playing futsal. He is also excellent in drawing. He lives in Soreang with his mother and brother. He has an unforgettable experience with his friends, that is, when they won futsal tournament in 2004. He has a dream if someday he resign from LIA, he wants to make his own business, whatever it is as long as it’s legal and “halal”.

That’s all about Kang Hikmah. We hope Kang Hikmah’s dream comes true. 

Here is the video report of our interview .......

Just click to view ...

We also interview other LIA people ..........

Pak Mantri, the friendly security guard

Bu Fitria, the patient CSO

Kang Odoy, the Mini Market Keeper who loves playing music especially Chuck Berry's songs

Kang Ahmad, the Cool Librarian who loves to write in his blog

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