Monday, 18 July 2016


She loves sharing. Sharing everything. Her works are definitely her hobbies; she combines business and pleasure. When doing her hobbies cum her pleasurable jobs, she is neither lazy nor reluctant. Her routines range from teaching, writing her experiences, to crafting, and the last but not the least ...... cooking her specialty: Traditional Foods esp. Sundanese Foods (just to name it: colenak, nagasari, kelepon and so on). To see some of her beautiful writings, you can visit her on her blog:

colenak stands for dicoCOL ENAK. From fermented cassava with brown sugar sauce, grated coconut, cheese on top, and some condensed milk

Nagasari. NAGA is dragon but this delicious delicacy has nothing to do with the dragons 

Kelepon: Hallo! Made from the flour of sticky rice with brown sugar sauce inside; marinated in grated coconut

ready to eat, yummy

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