Monday, 18 July 2016


Born in Pekan Kamis, West Sumatera and named as Nurul Isra Fauziah a.k "EZI", she spent her first 17 years of her age in Sumatera before deciding to boldly move to continue her study and to pursue a better future in a dreamland.
Detective Conan
She is an avid reader of any text, any literatures, particularly detective stories, and sorts of.She has a green thumb making her attentively take care of plants. She has also fallen her heart to other creatures--animals!!!

She loves riding her motorbike and pretty good at it--she is a loyal motor biker who always follow the rules i.e wearing a full-face helmet, a pair of gloves, a rain coat (when raining), and a vest to protect her from the blowing wind.

Sherlock Holmes, the legend continues ......

In all, in deed she is always good at everything that she does. Pssst by the way .... she loves Korean Movies too .....hik hik hik. 

Lee Jung Seou ..... the famous Korean Artist

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