Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Family Talk Between Classes

Teachers in LIA Martadinata has a compulsary ritual between classes they teach. They would gather and sit in  a big table and have what I called "Family Talk". Some teachers would chat about everything they face in the classroom such as how to manage "difficult" students, share the teaching methods and how to create fun atmosphere at class.

This ritual is also a place where teachers share some food and drinks, do some make up, play gadgets even some teachers bring playstation to have game match! This is the most popular one I guess :-).

What I really love from this ritual is that teachers can be more relaxed and just be themselves as teachers and as one family in LIA Martadinata. I get the sense of freedom to talk about anything and share about almost anything. A lot of  times I get new knowledge, inspiration and share the jokes and laughters with other teachers.

Bet you are curious.. So check out some of the pics below..

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